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Author and Publisher of Family Histories, Social Histories and Biographies

Martin Playne' s Publications

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PLAYNE, M.J. (2008) Getting It Write. As an author your credibility is at stake- so how good are the sources of your information? Ancestor 29 (4): 30-31.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2010) Getting It Write. Publishing short articles on your family and social history  Ancestor 30 (3), 33-34.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2012) Getting It Write. Websites for family history writers. Ancestor 31 (1): 38-39.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2012) The forger, his wives and associates: their loss and recovery of respectability. Queensland History Journal 21 (11):747-762.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2012) Hillendia: researching family history in Hill End, NSW. Ancestor 31 (4): 7.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2013) Getting It Write. Writing Autobiography and Memoir. Ancestor 31 (8): 38-39(December 2013)


PLAYNE, M.J. (2013) Two Squatters: the lives of George Playne and Daniel Jennings (Melbourne: Martin Playne, Publisher) 432pp.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2014) Understanding the Use of DNA Tests in Genealogy. Ancestor 32 (4): 8-11.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2015) Aunt Bee. Ancestor 32 (5): 13-14.


PLAYNE, M.J. (2015)  Getting it Write: Selecting, obtaining and using images and making your own maps. Ancestor 32 (5): 36-37



P1020705 H17036 bad news copy

Daniel Jennings and George Playne travelling to Campaspe [sketch by Moira F Playne, artist]

The Squatter at Home 1839: bad news from the outstations, A.D. Lang, lithographer 1847 [Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria, H17036]