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Don Grant Award 2015: Martin was awarded 2nd Place for Two Squatters in this year's competition for the Best Australian Historical Biography with a focus on family history.  The prize was awarded at the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies' Annual Awards Luncheon on 31 May 2015. The event was attended by around 150 people. The competition is open to authors Australia-wide.


Book Launch: Emeritus Professor Graeme Davison introduced the book 'Two Squatters' at a function  held in the Brighton Library, Brighton , Melbourne  on Wednesday 15 October 2014. It was part of the Bayside Literary Series called 'Words by the Bay' organised by the Bayside City Council


This Website was launched on 25 November 2013. A blog site can be found at: On line information is also available on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.


The book Two Squatters was released on 19 December 2013.  

The book can be purchased by clicking the link- Purchasing. We expect to sell initially through this website, and through the website of BookPOD. Later, we will endeavour to provide a UK distributorship.  Current outlets carrying this book are listed below:


The Prahran Mechanics Institute, 39 St Edmund's Road,  Prahran, Melbourne;

Kidna Books, Hampton Street, Hampton, Melbourne;

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria, a'Beckett Street, Melbourne;

Beaumaris Books, South Concourse, Beaumaris;

Ulysses Bookstore, Melrose St., Sandringham;

Thesaurus Books, Church St., Brighton;

Top Titles, Church St., Brighton are selling the book.


'Two Squatters' is  listed on TROVE, Books in Print and Nielsen’s BookData.



(1) Port Phillip Pioneers Group: Sat 10 November 2012. 'Two Squatters : the lives of a poor surgeon and a rich lunatic'.


(2) Genealogical Society of Victoria,  Thursday Talks: 21 March 2013. 'Diversions from the truth: interpreting family history correctly' [podcast from GSV website]


(3) Bayside University of the Third Age, 11 April - 9 May, 2013 . 'Bugs in your tummy - the science of probiotics and prebiotics' (a short course), Brighton, Melbourne.


(4) Value Added Wheat CRC, presented in Perth, Rutherglen, Christchurch and Wagga Wagga, 2002. 'Prebiotic Carbohydrates and Gut Health' (a short course with comprehensive manual)


(5) Genealogical Society of Victoria, Thursday Talks: 21 August, 2014. 'Squatters on the Campaspe' [podcast]


(6) Writers' Group, GSV, Wednesday 3 September, 2014. 'Making maps and using images in books'


(7) Brighton Library, Brighton, Wednesday 15 October 2014 Official Launch of the book 'Two Squatters'


(8) Genealogical Society of Victoria, Thursday Talks: 23 October 2014, 'Writing and publishing your family history, Pt 2 Publishing'


(9) Bayside U3A, Wednesday 29 November, 2014. 'Current Affairs in Science and Technology'


(10) Kingston U3A, Genealogy Class, Wednesday 18 February 2015. On the researching, writing and self-publishing 'Two Squatters'


(11)  Bayside U3A, Nine-Week Course, Friday afternoons, 17 April to 12 June 2015. 'The Port Phillip District in the 1840s'


(12) Mornington Peninsula Family History Society, Saturday 10 October 2015, 'The lives of George Playne and Daniel Jennings: two squatters'


(13) Brighton Antique Club, Wednesday 16 March 2016, 'Two Squatters: a poor surgeon and a rich lunatic'


Martin Playne is available for talks on:

(a) his book 'Two Squatters';

(b) on Victoria in the 1840s;

(c) on the Great Wills Forgery in 1844;

(d) on the trials and benefits of self publishing;

(e) on family history research and writing;

(f) and on some aspects of science and technology.

E-Book:  Two Squatters is now internationally available as an e-book. Use the following links to access it from Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes or KoboBook: