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Author and Publisher of Family Histories, Social Histories and Biographies

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Martin Playne was trained as an agricultural scientist at the University of Queensland, majoring in biochemistry, and followed this with a PhD in microbiology and biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh.  He has had a career as a research scientist with CSIRO, the Australian Government scientific research organization. Soon after leaving CSIRO in 2000, he started research on the social history of Victoria in the years following its settlement, or as some would say, its invasion by white people in the early part of the nineteenth century. He examined how this history related to his own family histories.


He was born in Wales, and spent the first 11 years of his life in Britain. This background has allowed him to understand and appreciate the British people and their history. That history, of course, is intimately linked to the early history of Australia since white settlement. He lives in Melbourne, Victoria.




He is continuing research into the social history of the Port Phillip District during the period of its early settlement by Europeans with a view to writing further books in this genre of the lives of hitherto little known men and women who made important contributions to society. He has a strong interest in the medical men of early Port Phillip, their medications, the hospitals of the day.



He is a member of the Editorial Team for Ancestor - the quarterly magazine of the Genealogical Society of Victoria.        

His recent publications on social and family history can be found under the link to Publications.





Martinp familycrest1

The Playne Family Crest

(the meaning of the word is to indicate the rebirth of new shoots from a tree stump- the crest is known to date back to 1576)



Martin 2nd Don Grant with plaque




Martin Playne receiving his Don Grant Award (2nd place) 2015 for the Best Australian Historical Biography